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BOPP Bags is Biaxially Oriented PolyPropylene Bags. BOPP Bags can be provided with side sealing, flap, knurling, punch hole, gazette, self-adhesive tape, etc. These bags can be customized as per the customer requirements. Bopp Bags can be availed in Plain form or in Printed form. We can supply it in various sizes and Microns as per customer requirements.


  • Excellent clarity
  • High tensile Strength
  • Good Dimensional Stability and Flatness
  • Low electrostatic  Charge 
  • Corona Treatment on one or more sides 
  • Waterproof
  • Reverse Printing ability 
  • High Gloss
  • Very High Quality Prints 
  • Fewer Layers , Reducing Weight & Freight Costs .
  • Enhanced marketability of the products 
  • 100% Recyclable 

Manufacturing Process

Manufacturers make these bags using a reverse printing process. Multi-colored films are inserted into cylinders. Then the bag gets laminated with fabrics that are woven, cut, and stitched according to the customer’s specifications.

Customers can choose multiple colors to create a unique style for their bags. The bags print in a machine called an engraved cylinder. This process does the brand and graphic design on the bags.


Printing Process

BOPP printing has an important role in the packaging industry as it has many benefits. Rotogravure printing is a direct printing process, as the image that is engraved on the cylinder is directly engraved or printed to the substrate to provide proper ink lay down.
This increases the efficiency and look of the finished product because then we can easily achieve sharp image contrast with different depths on printing cylinder. The cost of cylinders is high initially, but they can be made economical by using the cylinders for long runs.


There are many more benefits of Rotogravure printing like:

  • Rotogravure printing provides the fastest printing speed when compared to flexographic printing.
  •  The rotogravure printing also gives efficiency in high production with low wastage.
  • It is more suitable for colors like human face and skin and provides a better image when compared to flexographic printing.
  •  The Rotogravure process is the best choice when you have to print millions of impressions, this process not only provides high quality but also color consistency.
  • The rotogravure printing avoids the impression of the machine shade and also brilliantly brings uniformity of the color patterns to the images.
  • With rotogravure printing we can actually get millions of prints of the images and this helps in reducing the overall costs, which is not so in the case of flexographic printing.
  • The cost of the repeated printing is very low in rotogravure printing, as the printing plates are already prepared.
  • The finished product that you get from the rotogravure printing is more attractive as it has many bright colors with high gloss and the images are clear as it has high color strength when compared to the flexographic printing because in rotogravure printing thick ink layers are used.